Setting up shop on Social Network, don’t cozy upto data

by Deepak Sharma on Thursday, May 27, 2010

StoreFrontBackTalk has a blog post today talking about how Social Networks (SNs) are evolving and Retailers setting shop on Social Networks like Facebook should not cozy upto the data considering the changes these SNs are bringing in. Case in hand is Facebook Privacy changes. While most of the article adds fear in Retailers mind with respect to their strategies for SNs, the last para sums it up well.

That all said, it’s probably a fine idea to set up shop wherever—and everywhere—you can. But don’t get too used to whatever data you’re getting from those areas today. It may be short-lived.

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Interesting article; and at it's heart is the key issue with Social Media - it's evolving too quickly for anyone to get too accustomed to any element of it.

We've got an insight piece here that looks at how and why to connect social media to your physical retail environment. Interesting read for any retailer considering but unsure of their social media strategy.

by Nick Morgan on 9:23 AM. #