Where's the heat in EDI?

by Deepak Sharma on Monday, November 14, 2005

eC-BP.org has an article on current state of EDI projects.

In recent months, the activity surrounding new implementations of EDI has stagnated. According to Andrew White, Gartner Group's Director of Supply Chain Research, "Generally, traditional EDI is still a sizable business, but there are not a lot of classical EDI projects starting up right now." That being the case, where are all the energy and dollars being spent?

With the emphasis on standardization, and the move toward more Internet based connectivity, the playing field has changed. Add now-ready-for-prime-time Global Data Synchronization to the mix, and suddenly there is an entire new set of issues that need to be addressed. Many companies have recently realized that GDS is a reality and set about to implement it. As they did, the problems became internal rather than external and their efforts have turned to cleaning and standardizing the product data within their own systems.