Retail Tech Link-o-Mania - 1

by Deepak Sharma on Friday, June 17, 2005

Starting today, I will try to post links (with some commentary, whenever possible) on various happenings/news/articles/products/events etc in the Retail Industry. Hope you find these interesting and useful too.

RFID future, hazards discussed
Senior government officials and business leaders met this week in Washington to attempt to reconcile the promise of radio-frequency identification and the privacy and standardization challenges posed by the new technology.

Real-World RFID: Wal-Mart, Gillette, And Others Share What They're Learning
Interesting notes and learnings from the field where RFID is in use.

What Is Inventory Management?
Good high level article explaining what Inventory Management is, types/categories of inventory and ways to reduce Inventory Levels etc.